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AI-powered systems and environments


Titan is a general-purpose cognitive platform.

Titan provides tools, technologies, and infrastructure for building cognitive systems capable of processing unstructured textual data, powering intelligent agents, managing complex and dynamic environments, and sharing AI-driven solutions over the internet.

Titan was designed and built from the ground up; it incorporates several breakthroughs in AI, such as: 

  1. Processing natural language (NLP) with a focus on understanding (NLU).
  2. Learning about discrete domain concepts and events directly from Text.
  3. Reasoning about environments to answer questions, or carry tasks.
  4. Improving learning and reasoning over time through experience and observation.
  5. Explaining conclusions with a cause and effect approach.
  6. Collaborating with other cognitive agents, i.e., collective intelligence through knowledge and skill sharing.

Developers can use the Titan API to access Titan’s cognitive capabilities to enhance existing applications or build entirely new systems, and organizations. You can tailor all of Titan’s features to your unique requirements. 


Titan structures vast amounts of data in real-time to help you extract timely and valuable information and insight.

The thinking mind of the Titan system is its cognitive core, a multi-layered engine for organizing unstructured information into a hierarchy of abstraction.  The structure hides the complexity of data in its original form and enables software agents and users to quickly retrieve responses, mine for insight, and infer behavior.  

The cognitive core uses machine learning, natural language understanding, structured world representations, and logical reasoning to turn unstructured data into a valuable problem-solving and decision-making resource. 


Titan delivers a robust and flexible capability for all your data needs.


Reduce technical complexity, accelerate deployments, improve efficiency, enhance security, and achieve better performance with Titan's unified platform.



Create flexible, adaptable, and scalable data-driven solutions with comprehensive cognitive skills ranging from real-time learning and natural language understanding to explainable reasoning.



Leverage a cloud-independent and edge architecture to support all your applications needs, including hard-to-deploy, low bandwidth, low-power environments.



Tailor the system to fit your unique requirements with a broad set of APIs designed to help you control your cognitive environment, agents, and information.



Protect your data, privacy, and intellectual property and ensure your compliance and security needs with the ability to self-govern your deployments.



Titan offers a suite of services for enhancing operational efficiency and improving decision-making.


Extract and analyze textual data with Titan's ready-to-use NLP applications.

Titan is a general-purpose cognitive platform.

Leverage a suite of NLP applications to structure textual data, analyze and understand events, and extract actionable insights. 

Use Titan NLP services directly or integrate them into downstream applications ranging from information visualization to knowledge graph construction.  

Some services we offer are Event Tagging, Event Extraction, Event Visualization, Event Causality, Spatial and temporal Event Relations, and many more.



Build your digital workforce with Adaptive cognitive agents that communicate in natural language.

Titan agents are adaptive digital workers with natural language abilities that offer a flexible solution for automating tasks, improving user experience, and acting in different environments.

The agents are designed to handle various tasks, from routine operations to complex processes, freeing up valuable time and resources.

One of the main benefits of Titan cognitive agents is that they can be easily tailored to meet the specific requirements of each business and user, enabling it to optimize its processes and achieve its unique goals.


Design AI-powered digital twins of your real or virtual environments for enhanced learning, reasoning, and action.

Simulated digital environment powered by AI helps you visualize entire systems, identify challenges, enhance problem-solving, optimize operations, and integrate with existing real-life systems.

The Titan development kit (TDK) helps you get your custom virtual environment up and running quickly and efficiently to meet your specific needs.


Securely access and interact with cognitive applications, agents, or domains online or share your own.

The Titan cognitive exchange refers to the process by which an AI system interacts with a human or another AI system to exchange skills or knowledge. This exchange can take many forms, including natural language conversations, data inputs, and outputs.

The exchange is crucial to collective and collaborative AI because it enables humans and machines to learn more efficiently and interact naturally and intuitively.


With Titan, you can incorporate natural language into your applications in just three steps…

1. Test Titan AI system

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2. Setup API Access

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3. Integrate With Apps

Effortlessly integrate Titan with your apps. Take a look at our documentation for more information.

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